NBA Players Spending Their Millions: You Must Need to Know

NBA player spending their millions
NBA player spending their millions

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1. J.R. Smith’s Armored Military Vehicle and Beyond:

NBA player spending their millions
Image : The US Sun

J.R. Smith, after securing a significant deal of over $20 million, purchased a $500,000 armored military vehicle known as the Pterodyne Gurkha. This vehicle, resembling something out of a GTA heist, boasts indestructible tires, bulletproof glass, and armor capable of withstanding 50 cal shots and RPGs. It’s marketed as an SUV that can survive various extreme scenarios, including a zombie apocalypse.

2. LeBron James: Million-Dollar Hobbies and Extravagant Jewellery:

LeBron James has a secret million-dollar hobby that extends beyond basketball. Recently, news broke that one of LeBron’s rookie cards sold for a world-record-breaking $5 million, highlighting the rarity and value of his collectibles. Despite only 23 of these cards existing globally, LeBron proudly boasts of owning two, ensuring his financial security for a long time.

NBA player spending their millions

Apart from his lucrative basketball card investments, LeBron indulges in a lavish lifestyle that includes a $10 million car collection and $20 million mansions. However, his jewelry collection steals the spotlight, surpassing even these opulent purchases. LeBron’s jewelry extravagance, recently showcased with a lion gatekeeper pendant adorned in 14 karat gold and 35 carat diamonds, is a testament to his affinity for luxury.

LeBron’s association with rappers like Drake hints at shared indulgences, such as a $20,000 OVO chain gifted by Drake. Notably, LeBron’s jewelry extends to his dental aesthetics, with elaborate diamond grills adorning his teeth, showcasing a unique and attention-grabbing style. His watch collection is equally impressive, featuring rare timepieces like a black panther AP worth $5 million and a legendary Paddock valued at over $6.5 million.

In total, LeBron’s jewellery collection alone exceeds $20 million, reflecting his penchant for luxury and attention to detail in every aspect of his appearance.

3. Dwyane Wade’s Diamond-Studded Shoes and Custom Cars:

 NBA player spending their millions

Dwyane Wade’s extravagant purchases include a rare Mercedes Maybach S580 with an exclusive basketball leather interior, showcasing his love for basketball and luxury. Additionally, he owns a one-of-one pair of shoes, the Leaning Way of Wade Fours, covered in diamonds, sapphires, and 18 karat gold, representing the Chinese New Year. These shoes, among his prized possessions, are heavily protected with armed security due to their immense value. Despite his million-dollar purchases, Wade’s financial decisions did not lead to nearly ruining his life.

4. Stephen Curry: Need for Speed and Real Estate Investments:

NBA player spending their millions

Stephen Curry’s passion for fast cars led him to own expensive vehicles like a Porsche 911 Turbo and an all-black Porsche Panamera. In 2018, Curry’s love for speed almost turned tragic when he got into a serious accident on the highway due to rain and another vehicle’s collision. Despite the car being totaled, Curry miraculously escaped without a scratch. This incident prompted Curry to realize the dangers of commuting long distances to the Chase Centre and subsequently purchase an $8 million top-floor condo just 5 minutes away from the stadium, showcasing his commitment to convenience and safety, both on and off the court.

5. Shaquille O’Neal’s Legendary Car Collection:

Shaquille O'Neal's car collection, NBA player spending their millions

Shaq’s car collection is legendary, featuring Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and even vehicles from movies like the Cadillac Eldorado from “Scarface.” He also owns custom cars, including an Escalade with scissor-style doors and a Dodge Hellcat with a unique paint job for his 50th birthday. Following Kobe Bryant’s tragic passing, Shaq honored him by customizing a Rolls Royce with Kobe’s face and a snake representing the Black Mamba. This gesture reflects Shaq’s deep bond with Kobe and his way of ensuring Kobe’s presence is always felt.

6. Michael Jordan: Yachts, Jets, and Iconic Watches:

NBA player spending their millions, Michael jordan, Michael jordan cars, Michael jordan Yatch
Image Source: off the hook yatch

Michael Jordan’s lavish lifestyle includes million-dollar watches, multi-million dollar Bugattis, and ownership of a $15 million golf course. His indulgences extend to a hundred million dollar yacht, despite initially disliking his first yacht, which he nicknamed “Mr. Terrible.” Jordan upgraded to a super yacht worth $80 million, equipped with luxurious amenities like eight cabins, a jacuzzi, a gym, and a full-sized basketball court, making it the most expensive yacht owned by any NBA legend.

For travel between countries, Jordan owns a Gulfstream G550 private jet costing $61 million, personalized with his initials, jersey numbers, and logo. The jet features a full bar, dining area, cigar station, and TVs, reflecting Jordan’s luxurious lifestyle and attention to detail. Despite his legendary purchases, the narrative also hints at the pitfalls of excessive spending, referencing one legend whose $200 million spending spree led to personal ruin.

7. Allen Iverson’s Rise and Fall: A Cautionary Tale:

NBA player spending their millions, Allen inversion

Allen Iverson, a trailblazer in the NBA, not only revolutionized the game but also embodied a culture that merged rap and basketball. His style, from sideways hats to baggy clothes, became iconic, but it also set a problematic trend in his financial life.

As Iverson’s career soared, so did his income, signing deals worth tens of millions. However, his spending habits quickly spiraled out of control. He splurged on luxury cars like Maybachs and Bentleys, forgetting where he parked and simply buying new ones. His monthly expenses, including lavish outfits and nightlife indulgences, surpassed $150,000.

The real turning point was Iverson’s love for gambling, where he wagered millions in a single night. This, coupled with his extravagant lifestyle and financial mismanagement, led to a crisis. Iverson resorted to stashing money in garbage bags around his mansion, trying to keep track of his draining finances.

His downfall became public during his divorce proceedings when he confessed to not having money for a cheeseburger. Iverson faced bankruptcy, owing substantial sums to jewellers and facing foreclosure on his mansion.

Fortunately, Reebok, foreseeing his financial struggles, structured a deal to release funds gradually, ensuring Iverson’s financial stability in the long run. However, his story serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of financial prudence even for high-earning athletes.


In today’s NBA, where stars like John Moran, Jason Tatum, and LaMelo Ball are also experiencing financial pitfalls, Iverson’s mistakes stand as a reminder of the perils of unchecked spending. It’s crucial for athletes to learn from Iverson’s journey and prioritize financial management to secure their futures.


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