NBA Draft 2024 Combine Insights: Shaking Up the 2024 Mock Draft

NBA Draft 2024 Combine Insights: Shaking Up the 2024 Mock Draft
NBA Draft 2024 Combine Insights: Shaking Up the 2024 Mock Draft


The NBA Draft 2024 Combine has recently concluded, providing new insights into this year’s top prospects and shaking up the draft landscape. In this updated NBA mock draft, we incorporate the latest information and performances from the combine to give you a fresh perspective on how the draft might unfold.

1. Atlanta Hawks: Zachary Rashay (France)

With the first pick, the Atlanta Hawks select Zachary Rashay. Rashay’s recent performance in the French playoffs, where he scored 28 points in a crucial game, has solidified his status as a top contender. Standing at 6’9″, Rashay is a versatile wing who excels at shooting from deep, both off the catch and dribble, and is a promising defender. His ability to finish strong at the basket makes him an intriguing talent for the Hawks, who may prefer him over Alexander Sar due to his fit with their current roster.

2. Washington Wizards: Alexander Sar (France)

The Washington Wizards select Alexander Sar with the second pick. Sar’s presence in the middle would address the Wizards’ need for size and defense. His rim protection and shot-blocking instincts make him a valuable asset for a team that has struggled defensively. Sar also showcased an improved shooting stroke at the combine, cementing his place as a top-two pick.

3. Houston Rockets: Donovan Kingan (Connecticut)

The Houston Rockets take Donovan Kingan with the third pick. Kingan’s stock soared during UConn’s title run, highlighting his elite defensive skills and shot-blocking abilities. At the combine, he demonstrated his improved three-point shooting, making him an excellent fit for a Houston team focused on defense.

4. San Antonio Spurs: Reed Sheppard (Kentucky)

With the fourth pick, the San Antonio Spurs select Reed Sheppard. Despite a disappointing end to his season, Sheppard impressed at the combine with his playmaking skills and athleticism. Known for his smart decision-making and efficient scoring, Sheppard could become a key player in the Spurs’ backcourt.

5. Detroit Pistons: Modest Bellis (G-League Ignite)

The Detroit Pistons select Modest Bellis with the fifth pick. Bellis, a 6’9″ wing, offers a blend of court vision, passing skills, and defensive versatility. While he needs to improve his shooting consistency, his athleticism and potential make him a valuable pick for the Pistons.

6. Charlotte Hornets: Stefon Castle (Connecticut)

The Charlotte Hornets take Stefon Castle with the sixth pick. Castle’s strong defensive skills and impressive slashing ability make him a great fit for the Hornets. His shooting showed promise at the combine, alleviating some concerns about his offensive game.

7. Portland Trailblazers: Ton Salon (France)

With the seventh pick, the Portland Trailblazers select Ton Salon. Salon’s recent playoff performance in France highlighted his scoring ability and versatility. As a strong wing player, Salon would add valuable depth to the Trailblazers’ roster.

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8. San Antonio Spurs: Nicola Topic (Serbia)

The Spurs use their second top-10 pick to select Nicola Topic. Despite recent knee injuries, Topic’s passing talent and potential make him a risk worth taking. His ability to facilitate the offense would be a great complement to the Spurs’ roster.

9. Memphis Grizzlies: Dalton Connect (Tennessee)

The Memphis Grizzlies select Dalton Connect with the ninth pick. Connect’s impressive shooting at the combine makes him a valuable addition to a Grizzlies team in need of offensive firepower. His ability to knock down threes would help improve the team’s scoring.

10. Utah Jazz: Cody Williams (Colorado)

The Utah Jazz take Cody Williams with the tenth pick. Williams, a raw but promising talent, offers good size and shooting ability as a wing player. His defensive potential and skill set make him an appealing choice for a young Jazz team looking to strengthen their roster.

11. Chicago Bulls: Ron Holland (G-League Ignite)

With the eleventh pick, the Chicago Bulls select Ron Holland. Expected to be a top pick earlier in the year, Holland’s athleticism and ability to get to the rim make him a high-upside selection. With Zach LaVine potentially on the move, Holland could fill an important role for the Bulls.

12. Oklahoma City Thunder: Devin Carter (Providence)

The Oklahoma City Thunder choose Devin Carter with the twelfth pick. Carter impressed at the combine with his shooting and athleticism, tying for the highest vertical leap. Known for his defensive prowess, Carter’s two-way skills would be a great addition to the Thunder’s backcourt.

13. Sacramento Kings: Rob Dillingham (Kentucky)

The Sacramento Kings select Rob Dillingham with the thirteenth pick. Despite concerns about his size and weight, Dillingham’s shot-making and playmaking abilities make him a valuable asset. He could replace Malik Monk, who is a free agent, and provide a scoring boost off the bench.

14. Portland Trailblazers: Jacobe Walter (Baylor)

With the final pick of the lottery, the Portland Trailblazers select Jacobe Walter. Known for his scoring ability and tough shot-making, Walter offers significant upside. His potential to take over games with his shooting would be a great addition to the Trailblazers’ lineup.


The 2024 NBA Draft Combine has certainly shaken things up, with several prospects rising and falling based on their performances. As we head into draft night, teams will be looking to make the best decisions based on this new information. Stay tuned for more updates and analysis as we get closer to the draft.

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