Basketball Sizes Chart: What Size Ball Should a Players Use ? (By Age)

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Basketball Sizes Chart: What Size Ball Should a Player Use?


There are many Problems with the way youth Basketball is currently Being Played:

Basketball rims are too High for Young Players.

Correct Basketball Sizes for Age wise players.

Choosing the right basketball size is crucial for players of all ages to develop their skills and enjoy the game. Whether you’re a coach, a parent, or a player yourself, understanding the appropriate basketball size for different age groups can make a significant difference in performance and safety. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the basketball size chart by age, ensuring that players from young beginners to seasoned athletes are equipped with the right ball for their level. Let’s dive in and explore the specifics of basketball sizes to help you make informed decisions and enhance your basketball experience.

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We Have Watched Too many games where two teams with players 7-years old or younger will attempt to play a complete basketball game using a size 7 ball And most of them can’t throw the basketball up to the height of the Basketball Rim !!

In this Article Below We created a chart of appropriate Basketball sizes depending upon Different Age.

Basketball SizecircumferenceWeightAges
Size 425.5”14 ozBoys: 5-8, Girls: 5-8
Size 527.5”17 ozBoys: 9-11, Girls: 9-11
Size 628.5”20 ozBoys: 12-13, Girls: 12+
Size 729.5”22 ozBoys: 14+
(Charts Scrolls Left and Right on Mobile)

Size 4 Basketball:

For Boys and girls of Age Between 5 to 8, a Size 4 Basketball Should be Used.

The Circumference of the Basketball should be 25.5’’ and the Weight 14 oz.

Size 5 Basketball:

For Boys and Girls of Age Between 9-11, A Size 5 Basketball Should be used.

The Circumference of the basketball Should be 27.5” and the weight 17 oz.

Size 6 Basketball:

A size 6 basketball is appropriate for Boys between the ages of 12 and 13.

Once a Girls reaches the age of 12, she should utilise a size 6 basketball, which is the standard size for high school, college, and professional play.

The basketball should weigh 20 oz and have a circumference of 28.5″.

Size 7 Basketball:

A Size 7 Basketball is preferred for the boys once they hit 14 years old and that is the official size used at the High school, college and professional level

The Basketball should weigh 22 oz and have a circumference of 29.5”.

What Size basketball for 10 year old, What Size basketball for 12 years old, What size basketball for 7 year old, What size Basketball for 6 year old, Basketball size by Age

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Benefits of Correct Basketball Size (Why Basketball Size is important):

Now you might be thinking ‘why’ using the correct sized basketball is important.

There are mainly two reasons:

  1. Proper Shooting Technique
  2. Player Enjoyment While Shooting

Proper Shooting Technique:

Using a Basketball that’s too big while shooting will lead players developing poor shooting Technique.

When Basketball is heavier in shooting players can Develop a number of bad habits:

  • Improper Hand Placement on the Basketball
  • Shooting with both hand instead of one Hand.

When players practise these bad habits over extended periods of time, they become increasingly challenging to break as they get stronger and older.

Player Enjoyment While Shooting:

If you are an adult and imagine trying to shoot with a Size 4 Basketball.

Doesn’t Sound like funny, Does it?

This might be a slight exaggeration, but that’s what shooting with a size 4 basketball will feel like for most Adults.

When Players are playing with a basketball more suitable for their size and age, they’ll have more fun and have a much higher chance of success.


Players can advance progressively as their bodies change and their strength increase thanks to different basketball sizes.

If you’re a parents and looking to purchase your child a basketball, make sure to look for the perfect size depending on their Age.

It’s important for their basketball skill development.


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